Gardening with Fibromyalgia #beingfibromom #gardening #fibromyalgia

Gardening with Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia may have it’s physical limitations and unpredictability, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy hobbies or other physically demanding activities. Gardening is highly therapeutic for many reasons and the best part is that it IS possible even with physical restraints. Here are some tips on gardening with fibromyalgia.

Gardening with Fibromyalgia #beingfibromom #gardening #fibromyalgia
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Benefits of Gardening

No matter how much land you have (or none at all), you can garden using raised beds or containers. And rather you have a large plot of land with an extensive garden or a small container garden restricted to your home or patio, you can reap the benefits of having a garden. There are numerous benefits to gardening, but here are the same I’d like to highlight for those gardening with fibromyalgia.

  • Sunshine: Many fibromyalgia patients suffer from various vitamin deficiencies one of them being vitamin D. Vitamin D reduces the risk of heart disease, infections, immune disorders, and other issues. Symptoms of a deficiency include fatigue, muscle weakness/aches/cramps, mood changes, and even bone pain. One of the most effective ways of increasing Vitamin D levels is good old fashion sunshine!
  • Mood-boosting: Stress has a direct effect on our moods, so it’s no surprise that reducing stress can improve your mood. Being out in the garden doing something you enjoy boosts your mood while lowering your stress.
  • Exercise: Yep! Gardening – even when you’re not realizing it – is a great way to get aerobic exercise! Pruning your plants, plucking weeds, and other gardening tasks can work up a sweat. Chances are, you’re distracted with what you enjoy that you don’t realize the workout you’re body is getting. Bonus!
  • Nutrition: Since you are gardening, it probably means you’ve got some delicious nutrition growing. Eating the fruits of our labor encourages us to eat healthier and to indulge in a wider range of produce. Eating healthy foods is an important part of managing fibromyalgia symptoms. Check out the fibro diet!
April 2020: The start of our garden was container gardening then raised beds.

Gardening with Fibromyalgia

I once heard someone say that gardening with fibromyalgia isn’t possible. This is absolutely NOT TRUE! It IS possible and my good friend Jamie from The Ms.Beehaven’ Farm talked about this in my recent interview with her on her farm. Check out the video!

So rather you realize it or not, gardening with fibromyalgia can be done with a few adjustments here and there. The benefits are vast and are beneficial for our bodies rather we live with a chronic illness or not. By following Jamie’s tips and advice, you can reap these benefits without overworking your body or putting too much strain on you.

For more of Jamie’s homesteading and gardening tips, be sure to follow her over on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. She shares live updates from her farm regularly and always has great information! (My favorite videos are the ones about her chickens and bees!)

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