Frugal Living with Fibro: 12 Ways to Earn Extra Money #FibroLiving

How to earn extra money Part 2

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Frugal Living with Fibro: 12 Ways to Earn Extra Money #FibroLiving

As someone living with a chronic illness, I always emphasize the importance of stretching every dollar and making it really count.  Saving money is not the only way to be thrifty and frugal. Making money – whether it be gift cards, freebies, or cash – is another way. Here is how to earn extra money in twelve ways.

This list was long, so I split it into two posts. Read part 1.

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12 Ways to Earn Extra Money

The first 9 ways was listed in part 1. Read it here.


Disney Movie Rewards

With kids it is difficult to not buy Disney movies.  You know this already.  But did you also know that there are codes in certain Disney movies that get you points?

Just look for the red star on the movie case which indicates that a code is in the case. Enter them at Disney Movie Rewards and cash in the points for lots of cool stuff! We are saving our points for our upcoming Disney trip in the spring.  Rewards range from merchandise to digital rewards and theme park rewards.


MyCoke Rewards

Inside each cap or each box of coke products there is a printed code to enter online at MyCoke Rewards.  Different sizes get you different coke reward amounts. Rewards can be used for gift cards, merchandise, or sweepstake entries. I use mine for Shutterfly photo books for my yearly family photo books.


Fresh Step Paw Points

I recently changed to Fresh Step cat litter and found that it wasn’t only more odor friendly, but it also gave points for each box you purchased! Using the Fresh Step Paw Points, points can be exchanged for free litter, donated to the local animal shelter, and other great prizes. Sign up for a free account and start earning points!

So far I have received a few hundred points and I’m saving them to cash in for some free litter.  I love free!  Fresh Step cat litter now has a new loyal customer because of this genius idea!

This list was long, so I split it into two posts. Read part 1.

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Frugal Living with Fibro: 12 Ways to Earn Extra Money #FibroLiving

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6 thoughts on “How to earn extra money Part 2”

  1. The problem with all of these methods, while they are easy, is that it is SOO many different things you have to keep on top of, and they don’t really earn you very much. That’s why I don’t waste my time with any of them.

    1. I guess it’s different for each person. For me, it’s super easy and I’m getting a reward weekly. Just last week I got two free movies from the Disney movie club, a $10 groupon gift card from MyCoke rewards, a $10 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks, and multiple BrainQuest packets for each of my kids from Kellogg’s Family Rewards. I spend about twenty minutes total a day on my loyalty programs, so it ends up being worth it at the end of the week when I ‘cash in’ for my rewards 🙂

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  4. I also really like Ibotta (well, until my diet changed, super specialty foods aren’t on there as frequently). You can get the rewards in PayPal cash, or gift cards. I just transferred $37 to PayPal from mine!
    You just “unlock” deals from your grocery store (or another partner store), then scan the barcode and take a photo of the receipt! It takes just a few extra minutes while putting away groceries! You can also get money referring people and completing challenges. (My code: jpcetqy and we both get money if you use it! You get $10, I get $5) It’s amazing how fast these add up!

    Sadly, Inbox Dollars didn’t work out for me It took too much time for not enough money. But I will definitely look into some of these other ones! Thanks!

    1. Yes, I love Ibotta, too! It IS really easy and the bonuses are great! Now that they have linked it with Boxed, I’m super excited about it! Have you tried Boxed yet? Boxed delivers wholesale to your front door! Sign up for a free membership at and use the code T5W8H for $15 off your first order of $60 or more!

      Inbox Dollars didn’t work out for me in the long run either.

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