Seeking light in the dark: How to overcome depression associated with chronic pain #chronicpain #chronicillness #depression #fibromyalgia

How to Overcome Depression Associated with Chronic Pain

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting a fellow spoonie, Kristine, at Finding Joy in the Midst of Chronic Pain. She came to me saying that she liked how I was so positive despite living with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. She then asked me to write a piece to encourage her readers and others battling with chronic pain, depression, and other ailments.

The pleasure was mine. After all, that is the mission of my blog – to help others thrive in the life of fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

It is a very revealing piece spread across two days. It was an emotional piece to write. I relived those moments of desperation and hopelessness all over again. My hope is that others will see that each of us is not alone in our dark moments and that each of us will find the light!

Without further delay…

Seeking Light in the Dark: How to Overcome Depression Associated With Chronic Pain


Seeking light in the dark: How to overcome depression associated with chronic pain #chronicpain #chronicillness #depression #fibromyalgia









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10 thoughts on “How to Overcome Depression Associated with Chronic Pain”

  1. It is difficult to write about something you deal with personally and depression is not always easy to describe or to communicate with others but it is an important message to put out there for other people to read, thanks for sharing:)

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