New Solution for Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain is something I live with everyday. There is not one single day goes by that I do not experience pain in some part of my body. There are many ways to treat chronic pain, such as my prefered method of natural treatments, but there is a new solution for chronic pain called the ‘melt method’.

Here is the story straight from Good Morning America (click on the image for the video).

New Solution for Chronic Pain #chronicpain #natural #naturaltreatement


What are your thoughts on the “melt method” as a new solution for chronic pain?

Brandi, Fibro mom


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8 thoughts on “New Solution for Chronic Pain”

  1. Interesting! I’ll try it out, once I google where I can do it! I think it’s interesting that the dr didn’t mention diet…I think exercise and diet are both huge in helping chronic pain. I’ve had it for 20 years…

  2. That’s VERY interesting. I’m lucky enough to live a pain-free life, but I have two people I know with Ehlers-Danlos which is a disease of a the connective tissue of the body. It is extremely painful and can be debilitating. One of them is a 15 year old girl, which is heartbreaking, and other other is a 50 year old woman who after several years of the disease is in pretty poor shape and also heartbreaking. I wonder if a treatment like this would help them since they have so little connective tissue left?

    1. I’m not sure. They could definitely ask their healthcare providers to find out. Thank you for reading and sharing this information with others that could possibly benefit from it!

  3. I got the MELT Method for mother’s day this year. I’ve only been able to use it a couple times but I can see how it would definitely would help. I hoping to start using it more. 🙂

    1. I’ve heard of that method, but wasn’t familiar with it. I just researched it, and I can see how it would help with chronic pain by strengthening the core. Keep me updated with how it works for you!

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