Review of Sorensens Natural Remedies #naturaltreatments #beingfibromom

Sorensen’s Natural Remedies Pain Relieving Rub

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I’ve recently had the pleasure to try another product to add to my collection of natural products. Here is my review of Sorensen’s Natural Remedies Pain Relieving Rub and sinus wax malts. (Be sure to scroll down for a discount on these products.)

Review of Sorensens Natural Remedies #naturaltreatments #beingfibromom
created by Brandi Clevinger
All-natural pain-relieving rub for #fibromyalgia and #chronicpain Share on X

Disclaimer: This product was given to me in exchange for a review. As always, the review is in no way influenced by the company, Sorensen’s Remedies, and all opinions are my own and honest.

**This post was updated on April 20, 2018. New product discount codes added below!

Who is Sorensen’s Natural Remedies?

Sorensen’s Natural Remedies was founded by Laurel Sorensen a few years ago. Laurel had a fall in 2002 that left her with a severe knee injury resulting in physical therapy and lasting pain. Unable to take pain medications and losing sleep over the pain, she was determined to find an all-natural pain relief. After finding Arnica herbs worked to control her pain, she started researching and experimenting to find something more practical and cost-effective for everyday use.

Various products such as pain-relieving rub, and sinus rub can be found in her shop along with various wax melts made of coconut oil and pure beeswax. Find the shop here.


Since this review, I’ve had a chance to get to know Laurel (Laurie). She really is an amazing person with extensive knowledge of the body and ways to help relieve various types of pain (chronic pain, nerve pain, sunburn pain, and more). She has a genuine kindness and want to help others living in pain.

Pain Relieving Rub

Review of Sorensens Natural Remedies #naturaltreatments #beingfibromom
created by Brandi Clevinger

Sorensen’s Natural Remedies Pain Relieving Rub is ideal for inflammation, tendonitis, over-used muscles, and neurological pain. Its ingredients include Arnica infused coconut oil, shea butter, various essential oils, and a few other natural ingredients. The full list of ingredients can be found on the product’s page.

It comes in a convenient to use a bottle (similar to that of a deodorant bottle) and is easy to apply. Simply remove the cap and lightly apply it in the affected area. The product can be reapplied every three to four hours up to six times in 24 hours.

I use the rub each night when I crawl into bed to read. It’s easy to remember to apply because I keep it on the nightstand next to the current book I’m reading. I simply rub it onto my shoulders and neck and that’s it. It relaxes my muscles and helps me to decompress from the long day.

To request a sample of pain-relieving rubs, please visit their website and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. It really is a FREE sample (no shipping & handling fees).

Please note: This rub does not have a smell and cannot be felt when applied. When I say it cannot be felt, I mean that it does not get cold, hot, or make the area numb.  If irritation should develop, wash the area immediately and discontinue use.


In the past month, I’ve come to appreciate this product for more than just a ‘pain cream’. A few weeks ago I started experiencing nerve pain and nothing was helping it. I thought I remembered this rub could help with nerve pain but wasn’t too sure (it was hard to think clearly with so much pain and issues hitting me at once).

After struggling to remember, I just used it on the parts that hurt with nerve pain. In about five or so minutes, the pain was drastically reduced! I couldn’t believe it. I immediately got in touch with Laurie and we had a conversation regarding the ingredients of the rub and how they relate to nerve pain. She said it was all in the power of PEA. And you know what? She was right!

I spent most of the days and nights either in the bed or on the couch in my bedroom. This was the night I discovered the power of PEA – hence the smile of pain relief!

Update: The Power of PEA

One of the ingredients is Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA). PEA is an endogenous fatty amino acid amide and is crucial in alleviating neuropathic and diabetic nerve pain. To quote from this case series regarding PEA:

“Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), an endogenous fatty acid amide, has been demonstrated to bind to a receptor in the cell nucleus – the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor – and performs a great variety of biological functions related to chronic and neuropathic pain and inflammation, as has been demonstrated in clinical trials. These include peripheral neuropathies such as diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatic pain, osteoarthritis, low-back pain, failed back surgery syndrome, dental pains, neuropathic pain in stroke and multiple sclerosis, chronic pelvic pain, postherpetic neuralgia, and vaginal pains. Probably due to the fact that PEA is an endogenous modulator as well as a compound in food, such as eggs and milk, no serious side effects have been reported, nor have drug-drug interactions. This article presents a case series describing the application and potential efficacy and safety of PEA in the treatment of various syndromes associated with chronic pain that is poorly responsive to standard therapies.”

I asked about PEA in my friend Donna’s What Works for Fibromyalgia group, and the response of the effectiveness of PEA was astounding! Apparently many others knew about the power of this little miracle worker and vouched for its results for nerve pain. I’m lucky to have found something for the nerve pain as quickly as I did. I didn’t realize how painful it could be when living with it for weeks at a time.

Relief for Bug Bites

Since the warmer weather has hit our area in Charleston, SC, people, AND bugs have come out of hibernation. With that comes the risk of bug bites and sunburn – ouch! Both of these threats are a reality for our family. My girls both have an allergy to mosquito bites. It doesn’t help that we have standing water not too far from the edge of our backyard. The chances of getting bit are high, and the bites cause severe reactions to their delicate, fair skin.

When my girls get a bug bite, the affected area turns red, itchy, painful, and swells – a LOT! Think of Popeye’s arms – that kind of swelling. Recently, my youngest daughter got a bug bit while playing in our field of clovers (my husband loves bees and does not kill the clovers so the bees can pollinate – another reason I love him!). My kiddo immediately comes running inside and shows me the bug bite. She knows the drill by now – let me know so I can clean and apply a steroid cream to reduce swelling (it helps a little).

Instead of the usual prescription cream, I decided to clean the area and apply the pain-relieving cream to see the effectiveness. I wish I would have taken a picture of a past bug bite and the bug bite after I apply the cream so you could see a side by side comparison. It was too good to be true and my husband would not have believed it had he not seen it with his own eyes. She had ZERO swellings, ZERO redness, ZERO itching, and ZERO pain. In fact, she went right back outside to play!

Again, this is why I believe in the Pain Relieving Rub – it works. Plain and simple.

Can you spot the kitty?

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Relief for Sunburn

Our community pool opened early this year for the kiddos’ school Spring Break. Earlier this week, I took them to the pool to swim while I sat poolside chatting with a close friend. I planned to stay an hour and leave, so I did not bring the sunscreen to apply later. Result? Sunburn for the girls and me. It HURT.

I messaged Laurie and asked her about the pain-relieving rub for sunburn. She said YES! I applied it to my arms that night, and while I didn’t notice an immediate relief like the nerve pain and bug bite, I did get relief within fifteen minutes or so. Enough relief that I was applying to sleep on my side and not just on my back (which I hate to do by the way). The next morning I gave the girls a tube to apply and they also were able to go to school without any issues.

This morning the girls were fighting over the tube of rub for their sunburn. I’m so glad I found a natural relief cream that’s great for more than one thing. It’s so essential in our house that I keep one tube downstairs within reach of my kids – they know to ask before using – and one upstairs on my nightstand. Even my husband is a believer and it takes a lot of convincing for him.

Codes for Discounts

Updated to reflect recent codes

When you sign up on Sorensen’s Natural Remedies website, you will be sent a code for 25% off your first order (use code NEWBIE25). Right now until Mother’s Day, use code MOM18 for 20% off for returning customers.

And remember – you can always sign up to get a FREE sample (no shipping and handling fees – completely FREE).

Click here to place your order.

Money-Back Guarantee

Laurel is so confident that her pain-relieving rub works, that she offers a money-back guarantee. If it does not work for you, contact the company for a refund of your purchase price.

Sinus Wax Melts

Shortly after receiving this product for review, our house caught a cold. Each of the kids and my husband passed it around and each of them had congestion, fevers, body aches, and a cough. They were miserable. I contacted Laurel to inform her of my delay with this review due to the virus my family was experiencing. She did not hesitate to send me some products to help ease their misery.

Review of Sorensens Natural Remedies #naturaltreatments #beingfibromom
created by Brandi Clevinger

Day-Alert Sinus

The Day-Alert Sinus wax melts are comprised of the following essential oils: eucalyptus, peppermint, juniper berries, and rosemary. Working together, these oils clear nasal passages allowing the body to breathe again. Because it is the day time version, it will not make you groggy or sleepy. The smell is minty and is not overpowering.

Sleepytime Sinus

The Sleepytime Sinus wax melts ease any allergy or cold symptoms. The ingredients include sinus-clearing camphor, eucalyptus, juniper berries with lavender essential oil, and vanilla fragrance oil.

I borrowed a friend’s wax warmer to try out these wax melts, and I was not disappointed. During the day, the Day-Alert melts eased the coughing and congestion. At night, the Sleepytime Sinus helped with congestion. The added lavender essential oil helps with sleep allowing the body to get the rest it needed. Both melts had the added bonus of making the house smell pleasant and not at all medicinal.

Essential Oils used by Sorensen’s Natural Remedies

After receiving these products, I contacted Laurel to inquire about the brand of essential oils she uses to make her products. She was quick to reply with the company’s name and website so that I could research the source of the oils.

The companies Laurel uses for essential oils are Bulk Apothecary and New Directions. Both have been operating for years and are reputable companies. Both companies also offer other products aside from essential oils.

Other Products

There are other products available for purchase on the Sorensen’s Natural Remedies website. Products include toddler sinus rub and various wax melts. She is currently working on products to use on dogs and horses. Personally, I’m looking forward to trying the Christmas Memories, Strawberries & Whipped Cream, and the Pumpkin Pie wax melts!

Update on wax melts

My home has some carpet that needs to be replaced, and the smell it gives off is horrendous! I was embarrassed to have guests over because of the smell. However, I also do not use commercial scents to freshen the room. I’d rather live with the smell than live with the harmful effects of chemicals so many ‘good smelling’ products contain. When Laurie read my review and discovered I wanted to try these new wax melts, she sent me a few as a gift. Thank you, Laurie!

A neighbor kindly gave me a wax melt warmer for my new gift, and I immediately used the Strawberries & Whipped Cream. I used one square so as not to overwhelm my nose and trigger a headache. I had no worries though! It was a gentle, sweet (yummy) smell that reminded me of strawberry shortcakes (still does). It was too powerful and everyone that visits usually comments on the delicious flavor (they ask what I’m baking and I smile and say not baking – wax melts, and then we ooohhh and aaaahhh over it).

When purchasing some Toddler Congestion Rub for my kiddos allergy season, I also purchased the Honeysuckle and more Strawberries smells. I was having a hard time choosing from the new line of smells Laurie developed, and she kindly included a few samples in my order. I have loved the Beach Vacation (it truly reminds me of the beach with the subtle hints of ocean), honeysuckle (more of a floral scent), Island Fresh (reminds me of fresh laundry), and Cranberry (I can’t describe this smell only that it smells good – well, yummy is more like it).

Each of the smells is not overwhelming. To prove what I mean – I have a full size warmer in the living room with Strawberries, full size warmer in my daughter’s room (also downstairs not too far from the living room) with Honeysuckle, plugin warmer in my room with Cranberry, and a plugin warmer in the upstairs hallways (opposite end of our bedroom) with Island Fresh. Not one aroma overpowers the other. It’s a smooth transition from one room to the next. I love it!

One square (the package comes with six squares) usually lasts me about two weeks – give or take a few days. I always start with one square for the full-size warmers and add an additional one before changing it out. To change it out, simply put a few cotton balls on the top of the cold wax before turning on the warmer. The cotton will absorb the wax and then simply toss out the cotton (be careful – it does get hot!). For the plugins, use one square max.

My Conclusion

With the inability to take pain medications, I’m continually searching for natural pain-relieving products. These products did not disappoint. From their all-natural ingredients to their effectiveness, I recommend giving each of these products a try. They are affordable (especially with the money-back guarantee), natural, and effective. I’m confident you will like each of them as much as I do.

Update: I give them five out of five stars. This pain-relieving rub has proven itself time and again in various situations. I have recommended it to others, and they, too have loved its effectiveness!  (Here are testimonials left on the Sorensen’s website.) Honestly, I haven’t had one person tell me it doesn’t work. It’s a powerful rub that I highly recommend!

Get your FREE sample (no shipping and handling fees making it FREE)!


That pain relief rub is awesome!!! I used it on munchkin because she had to really bad bruises on her calf and then where she has been sick she had little sores under her nose. Both gone almost overnight! The bruises took a second application but the speed at which they healed was insane! It is also crazy how far a tiny bit goes! So it lasts forever! – Rhea, Fibro Parent

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