4 simple steps for a positive day #beingfibromom #positivethinking

4 Simple Steps for a Positive Day

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Each day brings its own sets of challenges whether it be a day of resting or getting items checked off on my to-do list. Whatever the day has in store for me, I need to be in the right mindset and have a good solid platform to step on at the start of each day (metaphorically speaking, of course). Each morning, it’s important I do these four simple steps for a positive day.

4 simple steps for a positive day #beingfibromom #positivethinking
created by Brandi Clevinger using the image from © Ivan Kruk at www.stock.adobe.com
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4 Simple Steps for a Positive Day


While caffeine should be minimized while living with a chronic illness, I’m going to be frank with you: I NEED MY COFFEE each morning. Not decaf. Not a huge amount. And nothing fancy. Just a small cup of good, local organic dark roasted coffee with a splash (or pour) of coconut milk creamer. I look forward to making the coffee each morning, and cannot wait to get one of these grinders from Anthony’s Espresso. (I currently have to grind our whole beans in our local organic supermarket.)

Even the smell of it brewing triggers a smile for me. The smell brings back good childhood memories and wraps me in warmth. I love it. And then there’s the coffee mugs. Each mug has a memory to it, and I think of that memory each time I use it. (Have you seen these customizable hot shot coffee sleeves? How cute!!)

created by Brandi Clevinger using the image from © Ivan Kurk at www.stock.adobe.com

Overall, coffee sets my day off right. It’s not so much about the caffeine (though it helps and has saved me from stupid mistakes throughout the day), but more about the feelings coffee evokes. It really does make a difference in my day.

My daughter likes to drink ‘coffee’ too! I hope the smell of coffee triggers happy memories when she’s older, too.

No Phone

A personal rule I have is no phone in the mornings. I use it for an alarm, but I do not use it for anything else until after I have my coffee. The reasoning is simple: I don’t know what’s on the ‘other side’. The other side being social media, email, or whatever else. It only takes one Facebook post or one email to contain negativity and it’s done. If there is negativity in any amount, especially before I’m fully awake, there’s a chance I’ll get in the wrong mindset.

I read somewhere a few years ago about those individuals that check their email within so many minutes of waking have an increased chance of having a bad day. I can’t remember the reasoning or evidence that proved it, but the result is what stuck in my head: No phones first thing in the mornings. Again, it’s all about setting up the day for positivity and having the right mindset.


After coffee, I have breakfast. Yes, this is backwards for most, but backwards is my middle name. Actually, it’s Joy, but you get me. Like I said, coffee sets up my day and gets me smiling. Breakfast keeps me smiling and fills my belly. Most people have no appetite after drinking coffee, but not me. Coffee triggers hunger for me.

Breakfast is usually gluten free toast smeared with a tablespoon of almond butter and a side of two turkey sausage patties washed down with a glass of water. (By the way, water is also a must in the mornings. While coffee is brewing, I drink a tall glass of room temperature water. This helps jumpstart my gut and refreshes my body overall.)

Occasionally, I’ll have something different such as a fried egg on a slice of toast or a breakfast jars (gluten free, of course, and can be eaten as a snack, too!). Breakfast jars are the easiest to make, packed with nutrition and tailored to your gut. Don’t know where to start with the jars? Check out these vegan gluten free jars from Freedom Jars. They have various flavors and can be delivered straight to your door! How easy!

image from FreedomJars.com


It takes a lot of energy for me to shower or even soak in a bath. Taking a shower at the end of the day is way too exhausting and will deplete what energy I have left. This will make bedtime routines for my kiddos stressed and overwhelming for all of us. To avoid this, I take my showers in the mornings right after breakfast. Taking a shower earlier in the day also gives me the time needed to loosen up my muscles with warm water. The kids are in school, so there are no interruptions and I can enjoy the quiet time.

My skin will often become sensitive to touch, so this means using a towel to dry off can also be painful. This is why having a good quality bath towel that is soft is also a must have for me (like these SaaSoh bath towels). I could always air dry, but then it just gets weird for me, and I’m currently overstocked in the weird department! I’ll stick with towels instead.

The days are often times long for me, and can be unpredictable with symptoms coming and going. However, taking these simple steps each morning ensures I start the day as best as I can and makes the days’ challenges easier to face. What do you do to get your morning started off on the right foot?

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  1. This made me laugh because I really dislike coffee and even the smell of it can turn my stomach. I am terrible at having breakfast but I’m trying to get better at remembering to have some. Reaching for my iPad or Kindle is usually my activity of choice as I come around in the morning. I sometimes have a shower in the morning but I am more likely to have it in the late afternoon/early evening while my husband cooks dinner, that time seems to work well for me. I don’t have children so that simplified things.

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