three easy ways to rest with a busy mind #beingfibromom #fibromyalgia

Three Easy Ways to Rest with a Busy Mind

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This summer I realized the importance of resting the body, and more importantly, resting the mind. However, getting my body the rest it needs to heal is difficult, and more difficult to rest my mind from the constant thinking, thinking, thinking. Even to slow down my thinking to release stress is a challenge for me. It took several different tactics, but I managed to find several ways to do it. Here are three easy ways to rest with a busy mind.

three easy ways to rest with a busy mind #beingfibromom #fibromyalgia
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Three Easy Ways to Rest with a Busy Mind

Think of Far Off Places

I’ve always fantasized of places I’d like to live or places I’d like to visit. Thinking of these far off places is a great distraction from whatever else is trying to occupy my mind. I don’t think of how I’m going to get there or any thing practical. It’s fantasy, not reality. I let it get as wild or far away as I want. In my mind I travel to places close like Tennessee or Alaska and as far away as Paris. After reading about Indonesia here, my mind can now relax on their beaches or in the mountain tops.

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Letting my mind wonder about places and what I’d do there is a way for my mind to be busy thinking while my body is resting. Often times I fall asleep, and that’s a bonus! And when I don’t fall asleep, that’s okay, too. My mind is escaping the daily stress of life and creating an imaginary vacation. Imagination strengthens the mind, and is great for those of us with minds busy with constant thoughts of the here and now. Find some other places to ‘visit’ on the Santa Barbara Travel site.

Set Goals

Setting goals have multiple purposes. It can help you stay on track in your career and/or school, help you save money, or inspire you to take on the day at full speed. Whatever goal you have set, big or small, there is something you can do each day to obtain it. The small things you do each day will pay off when you reach your goal.

How does setting goals tie into resting with a busy mind? It gives you something to think about and how you’re going to achieve it. It’s similar to vacationing in your mind, but with your real-life goals. Hey, traveling could be a goal, so thinking about how to reach it could be stress relieving, too! And if moving to a new place is one of your goals, think about using movers instead of doing it yourself.

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Thinking about reaching a goal or about the goal shouldn’t give you stress, but rather help you to relieve stress. Solving a problem will help boost your mindset in a positive way. While you’re thinking, be lying down. It’s okay if you’re mind wonders down different paths as you think of your goal. As long as it doesn’t start causing you anxiety or stress, it’s okay. Welcome the distraction while your body rests.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have been around for years, and are used by various cultures around the world. They have various uses and benefits, and can be used in the air, on the body, around the home, and more. If my mind can’t be distracted with thoughts of a vacation or reaching goals, reaching for some essential oils can do the trick.

However, not just any essential oil will work. The oils must be pure and not contain any fillers of any kind. If it does, then it is not pure and will only fill your body with toxins. When shopping for oils, look for quality and ingredients. If it doesn’t say 100%, then there’s a chance it contains toxins. Check out these oils from Botanic Universe wholesale essential oils.

Resting your mind is just as important as resting your body. Using essential oils, thinking of far away places, or setting goals are ways to find rest for your body and mind. How do you rest your mind?

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