the most talked about supplements of 2018 #supplements #beingfibromom

The Most Talked About Supplements of 2018

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Nutritional and health supplements have been all the rage in recent years with the explosion of fad fitness and health food products. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into 2018’s favorite, and most discussed, supplements and what to expect with incorporating them into your health routine.

the most talked about supplements of 2018 #supplements #beingfibromom
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The Most Talked About Supplements of 2018


This organic compound has been a favorite for fitness-conscious health addicts for a long time now due to its many physical benefits. Creatine is known as a kind of superstar supplement that helps muscle cells produce additional energy, thus increasing physical activity. It also known to speed up muscle growth and combat the spread of potential diseases such as Parkinson’s and Diabetes. It remains a staple in any list of the top supplements.


Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a hemp-based compound that is known for its therapeutic properties including anti-inflammation, anxiety relief, tiredness and other. In recent years, it has gained prominence due to its much-researched capacity to deliver both mental and physical benefits to consumers through dermal and comestible options including CBD lotion, CBD salves, CBD oils and even CBD water. Even the Washington Post has heralded CBD as the “new ‘it’ drug.”

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Perhaps the most prevalent supplement, caffeine remains a constant in approximately 90 percent of American’s daily routine in one form or another. Caffeine lovers often consume the supplement for its benefits in increasing focus and overall energy reserves, but increased productivity isn’t its only benefit. Caffeine has also been shown to drive your muscles to work for longer with less perceived effort due to its ability to relieve muscle pain. These additional effects are why caffeine supplements have exploded on the scene of fitness professionals dedicated to getting the most out of their workout routines.


This natural salt is found in plant compounds cultivated from barberries, Oregon grapes and yellow root. It affects the body at the molecular level and is considered one of the most effective supplements Known to promote mitochondrial health and anti-aging properties, berberine has been shown to be able to target fat cells and inhibit their growth leading to its usage as a supplement to aid in weight loss.

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Coconut Oil

Considered one of the most versatile health supplements, coconut oil is considered a “good fat” when used as a supplement and often results in boosted immunity and better digestion. Outside of supplemental use, coconut oil has been known to rehydrate dry skin and strengthen hair. A lot of natural hair products include coconut oil as a moisturizer.  It also contains three important fatty acids that prevent illnesses: lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid. stagnant in the body. Coconut oil is the jack-of-all-trades in the supplement world and it’s no surprise its on everyone’s lips in 2018.

Younger Millennials and the rising Generation Z are noted for their interest in healthy living and innovative ways to accomplish a more fit lifestyle. Nutritional and dietary supplements will only continue to explode on the market and new natural products will flood the market as the latest fad in a the come-and-go moment of contemporary culture.

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