5 ways to make kids a healthier breakfast #beingfibromom

Know the 5 Ways to Make Your Kids a Healthier Breakfast

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We all want to give our young ones the most nutritious breakfast to give them a good kickstart for their day. And every day, we strive to do our best to prepare a healthy and tasty breakfast! But sometimes, you aren’t just sure if you have hit your goal!

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Good thing you came by this post! I will be giving you some few guidelines to make your kids’ breakfast healthy! It’s not as hard as you may think once you get the hang of it!


1. Include eggs

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Eggs are one of the cheapest sources of protein that you can buy and store in the fridge. You can use it to almost any dish! You will be using them in making pancakes, pizzelles, and waffles. You can buy easy waffle and pancake mixes (those that don’t need eggs on them), but, you increase the nutritional value with eggs.

You can also make omelets out of eggs. Add some herbs, spices, some tuberous veggie to them to pack your omelets with more vitamins and minerals! The possibilities are endless with this staple ingredient!


2. Make it whole grain

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The easiest way to mill and process grain, apparently, is not the best way. The bran and the germ are packed with vitamins and minerals. With the modern method and more careful way of milling, this part of the grain is not wasted.

Whole grains are around 25-30% more nutritious than your regular grains. It’s rich in fiber and b-vitamins that can increase the energy and boost your kids’ immune system and promote healthy digestive system!


3. Add fruits

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Fruits are natural sources of vitamins and minerals too. Vitamin C, especially, is an integral part of a healthy diet that increases the bodies protection from illnesses! Add some berries to your pancakes, or just have them as they are!

You can expand your selection by adding a few tropical fruits on your grocery list. Apples and oranges are nice to have, but if you want more variety, you could mix some bananas, kiwis, and pineapple in your list.


4. Go for some beans

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Maybe you are not just used to eating beans yourself. Or maybe, your kids just don’t appreciate them yet. If you can add some beans for breakfast, you are adding protein in your kid’s breakfast. This essential for their growth!

Lentils are a good way to go. You can make some lentil loaf (just like meatloaf without the meat!) and have it for breakfast. This will give them sufficient energy and lots of protein for growth!


5. Make it green

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The real problem behind faulty eating habits may really come from the adults at home! Greens are good for your kids and you too! You can add bunches of greens in your omelets! You can even have a salad with your breakfast!

Have some salad with your bacon and egg! Try practicing this with your kids! A salad on the side for breakfast!

Greens are rich in iron, vitamins, and minerals!  They are rich sources of fiber too! Having a good serving every morning will surely raise your energy and boost your immune system! Take note, you will also have a health gut with this food choices!


Make A Good Eating Habit

A good eating habit is a great goal! It can take your health to the next higher level. But sometimes, instant food and fast foods are more accessible. It’s easier to open a can of processed meat, stick it in the microwave and be done with breakfast.

But the thing is, a healthy eating habit can be developed! You and your kid will benefit with this! The key to developing and maintaining this habit is consistency.


Plan Ahead

By planning your breakfast meals ahead, you would not have to think about it every morning! Plus, if you planned it carefully, surely, you will include it in your weekly grocery list! This means that you would have it available every day and you would not have trouble picking what’s for breakfast!

Take out the Unhealthy Choices

Every household has a stash of something unhealthy on their pantry. Well, this is a great way to ensure that there would be enough food in cases of emergency! But the problem is, we constantly consume and replenish them thereby defeating its purpose!

If you cannot take them out, keep them to a minimum because it’s always easier to prepare them!


Last Words

Healthy breakfasts can make a lot of difference in your child’s daily activity. By making their breakfast healthy, you are making them resilient to illnesses, and you are giving them sufficient energy to perform their daily activities!

Follow this simple guideline to increase the nutritional value of your kid’s breakfast (and yours too)!

I hope you find this post useful! Feel free to share this page with your friends and loved ones! Have some questions in mind? Feel free to ask and leave a comment below! I will get back to you soon!


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