5 Fibro-Friendly Magnesium Rich Mocktails #FibroBeverages #BeingFibroMom

5 Fibro-Friendly Magnesium Rich Mocktails

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According to a recent study, less than 60% of adults get the recommended daily allowance of 300 mg of magnesium*. This deficiency is linked to many fibromyalgia symptoms such as inflammation, headaches, and stomach issues. To increase your magnesium intake, opt for some delicious fibro-friendly magnesium rich mocktails to supplement your days. Here are five recipes from today’s guest writer, Mike Jones.


5 Fibro-Friendly Magnesium Rich Mocktails #FibroBeverages #BeingFibroMom
image used from Pixabay and modified by Brandi Clevinger


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5 Magnesium Rich Mocktails That Work Wonders for Your Health

Magnesium, otherwise known as the “master mineral” of our bodies, is sorely lacking from our soil. Due to the modern use of pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals on crops, we have reached a near-urgent depletion of it. In fact, a whopping majority of 80% of the population fails to meet the USDA’s recommended amount, which should be between 240 to 420 milligrams.

Some experts would argue that even that much is not enough, and instead, recommend to double our magnesium intake. It’s responsible for several bodily functions, and yet it remains neglected by most of the world’s population. The symptoms of magnesium deficiency themselves may appear quite vague, which means that a majority are not even aware of their body’s needs. Most will not notice their low levels until they reach a more critical state, filled with tremors, nausea, difficulty swallowing, and respiratory issues.

However, these can be avoided with a few delicious mocktails that will fulfill your needs and excite your taste buds.


Ginger Peach Mojito Mocktail

  • Fresh peaches
  • 2-inch-long candied ginger (chopped)
  • Mint leaves
  • 3 limes
  • Ginger beer

Simply crush peach slices into a tall glass along with mint to release all those fresh oils and juice. Pour the finely chopped ginger and lime juice over it, along with the ginger beer until the drink is topped off.

According to experts, peach juice contains tremendous amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B folate, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and, of course, magnesium. It turns a simple non-alcoholic mocktail from a typical drink to a well of health, rich in crucial vitamins for our bodies. It’s delicious mix of sweet, sour, and spicy, and you’re free to control the ingredients ratio to your heart’s desire. However, you should not skimp on peach slices if you want to assure a magnesium-rich beverage.


Pixabay by Orentodoros
Pixabay by Orentodoros


Cucumber-Lemonade Mocktail

  • Agave syrup
  • Lemon-lime juice
  • Cucumber juice
  • Club soda

There is a reason why numerous spas across the world offer their regular glass of water with a slice of lemon or cucumber. They’re exceptionally refreshing and have the potential of being incredibly healthy. Not only that, but they are filled with vitamin A, C, K, and thiamine, and minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese, and our neglected magnesium.

You can add a twist to your usual drink by steering away from the bland water and cucumber slice, and veer toward a delicious mocktail using cucumber juice or well-blended cucumber chunks.


Virgin Avocado Daiquiri

  • Lemon-lime soda
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Fresh lime juice
  • ¼ of a medium ripe avocado, peeled and pitted
  • Crushed ice

The Avocado Daiquiri might pose a bit of a challenge, and for a good reason. Its namesake and most important ingredient, the avocado, is incredibly healthy but not so easily found at your average bar. Fortunately, it’s one of the easiest fruits to grow in your own garden, so you can have the delicious cocktail whenever you want.

It’s exciting to the taste buds, exotic, and a beautifully healthy twist on a classic drink.


Frozen Banana, Pineapple, and Rum Cocktail

  • ½ ripe banana (sliced)
  • Banana cream
  • ¼ cup of pineapple juice (unsweetened)
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • Superfine granulated sugar
  • Cracked ice

A perfect way to introduce magnesium into the body is to go with a cocktail that boasts the perfect balance of fruits. This particular beverage is teeming with exciting tastes for your tongue, and it oozes much-needed minerals. Bananas are one of the biggest sources of magnesium and potassium, which makes them the prime ingredient in any healthy juice or drink.

And this one has it all. It contains bananas, banana cream, pineapple juice, and you can even go a little fancier and garnish the entire glass with a thin slice of pineapple. Exotic and healthy.


Pixabay by Gracia31
Pixabay by Gracia31


The Coconut Drink

  • 1 banana
  • ½ coconut, plus coconut water
  • Lime
  • Fresh vanilla
  • Oranges

The name says it all. Coconuts are one of the most potent sources of magnesium, even though they might be a little harder to come by and they might not be for every taste. However, you can create a deliriously tasty and healthy cocktail by mixing two fruits that will fulfill your magnesium needs.

The Coconut Drink is filled with every vitamin provided by oranges, along with the additional minerals you can find in bananas and coconuts. It’s refreshing and delicious and perfect for those looking for tasty virgin cocktails.

These are some excellent choices for magnesium rich drinks and numerous other vitamins and minerals to fill your needs. Always keep in mind that you are free to mix as you please and choose your own ratio of ingredients in order to achieve the healthiest results possible.

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*”Magnesium.” National Institutes of Health, ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Magnesium-HealthProfessional/.


Author Bio

With a master’s degree in Mass-Communications, Mike Jones is professional writer who focuses on home remedies and health related issues. He is now one of the editors of HomeRemedyShop.


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5 Fibro-Friendly Magnesium Rich Mocktails #FibroBeverages #BeingFibroMom
image used from Pixabay and modified by Brandi Clevinger


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