6 natural fibromyalgia remedies that are surprisingly effective #fibromyalgia #BeingFibroMom

6 Natural Fibromyalgia Remedies That Are Surprisingly Effective

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Is your fibromyalgia pain tying you up in knots? Sufferers know only too well the soreness of not just the condition, but having to miss out. FOMO is real, and we are well aware of it after having to cancel for the umpteenth time this week. Now is the time to fight back because the condition cannot continue to dictate our lives any longer. We deserve to be able to do normal things without having to think, “Will I be doubled over in pain later?”

6 natural fibromyalgia remedies that are surprisingly effective #fibromyalgia #BeingFibroMom
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By far the easiest and most popular option is to go down the pharmaceutical path. There is nothing like popping a pill and feeling instantly great. Of course, the effects of the drugs begin to wear off and the pain comes back twice as hard, or so it seems. Although I can hear the eyebrows rising already, maybe alternative remedies are the way forward. Firstly, they are scientifically proven to help, and, secondly, there aren’t many other options.

So, without further ado, below are six winners to consider for fibromyalgia sufferers.

6 Natural Fibromyalgia Remedies


In recent years, ancient, organic Chinese therapies have been gaining popularity around the world. In this case, acupuncture has plenty of positive reviews regarding its effectiveness. And, on the flip side, it’s easy to see why small pins stuck in the problem area can relieve tension. For fibromyalgia patients, the fact that we can understand the process is as important as seeing the benefits. Otherwise, no one would go under the knife, or the needles, as the case may be. It’s worth noting that there isn’t as much research for acupuncture relating to this specific illness. For what there is, however, it seems to suggest that both needles and cupping reduce painful spots on the body. A clear impact of this is a reduction in pain for sufferers who generally deal with constant aches and pains. Relieving tension can also impact mental health, which is a major factor in fighting illness.

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Craniosacral Massaging

In many ways, CSM and acupuncture are similar. The clearest distinction is the use of pins to relieve pressure in the body as opposed to massaging. Still, both treatments attempt to alleviate tension in the body by targeting the weak points. Think of it as a regular massage only it is pretty much confined to the head and neck. Why these two parts of the body? The simple answer is that they carry the most tension on the whole. By easing and releasing the knots, the pain has been found to be less intense in fibromyalgia patients. Massage Magazine shows how researchers in Spain, at the University of Almeria, used a placebo to obtain the results. After 20 weeks, 13 of the 18 sore spots were helped thanks to craniosacral therapy. As a percentage, it equates to 72% of affected areas.

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Rest is the only time the body gets to slow down and regroup. It’s like a drinks break for athletes in high temperatures. Without being able to refuel, there is no way they’ll make it to the end. The problem is that the bedroom is one of the most notorious sore spots for sufferers. Lying still isn’t easy, plus rustling around can encourage the pain to heighten in lots of cases. Figuring out how to drop off is the key, and it’s surprisingly simple.

At Mattress-Guides you’ll find hundreds of reviews for mattresses, including their strong and weak points. Simply use these as a guide to finding a bed which is as comfortable as humanly possible. Other tips include keeping the room dark, cool and quiet. Because it’s dark and cool, the skin shouldn’t inflame as much. The quietness helps people to concentrate on their thoughts, which induce melatonin.

getting the sleep you need with fibromyalgia #fibromyalgia #sleep
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When you feel pain, the last thing you want to do is hit the gym. Surely it only makes the situation worse? You may imagine this to be the case, but the Journal of Pain & Relief reveals otherwise. Their studies indicate that exercising indeed acts as a form of pain relief as it keeps the brain distracted. And, these changes can last as long as two months when they relate to specific problems such as back pain.

The next step, then, is to find out which exercises are kosher and which are out of bounds. As a rule, yoga is incredibly helpful for pain sufferers, especially fibromyalgia patients. An Oregon-based study found that all 53 participants experienced benefits. It’s never easy to know where to start, which is where New Life Outlook comes into play. With their dos and don’ts guide, you can see which stretches are helpful and which are a hindrance.

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In layman’s terms, this is a process where monitoring helps a person to gain control of the function. Considering all bodily functions are instinctual, this is a very advanced method to try. However, the experts are very confident it works according to a UCLA study. The way it works is simple: biofeedback helps to tackle perception. Once the awareness of pain is dealt with, it is possible to reduce the amount of pain and tender areas. Usually, people who undergo the treatment will finish with a greater sense of attention to detail. That way, they can focus on not concentrating on fatigue, stiffness and the like. Check out the debate on the topic for more info.



What you put into your body will impact pain levels. Readers of this blog may be familiar with the cayenne pepper post which concluded spicy foods are helpful. Cayenne peppers reduce appetite and the problems that come with eating for sufferers. But, let’s not forget that there are bad foods, too. Questionable ingredients include everything from aspartame to sugar and caffeine. Yes, the last two aren’t easy to stomach, but cutting down on them can reduce aches and pains. Organic products use less of both, which is why they are very healthy.

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Hopefully, this post will help people with fibromyalgia tackle the issues naturally. Which of these natural fibromyalgia remedies work for you?

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6 natural fibromyalgia remedies that are surprisingly effective #fibromyalgia #BeingFibroMom
created by Brandi Clevinger using the image from © Rido at www.stock.adobe.com


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