Adventures with Celiac and IBS

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One of the worst aspects of being a parent is being unable to help your child when they are ill. And not just a cold or tummy ache ill, but really ill. They are so helpless, and look to us for answers and comfort while we are also seeking answers and comfort for their illness. What are we to do? Rebekah from Naturally Blessed Mama knows this struggle all too well when her daughter became ill with zero improvements. Here is Rebekah’s story Adventures with Celiac and IBS.

photo credit: Rebekah, Naturally Blessed Mama
photo credit: Rebekah, Naturally Blessed Mama
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Have you ever had a child with constant pain? There was no way to console her – each day the hurting would move to another place – what were we to do? Next came the incessant itching – from head to toe – even in her scalp and under her arms!!! To top it off, there were those endless trips to the restroom – not 2 or 3 times a day but 6 or 7 times a day -every- single- day.

About four years ago, this crazy journey began. What an unexpected but mind-blowing trip it has been so far.  Our family had the Flu right after the Christmas holidays. Back then, my husband liked me to take the kids to the doctor for most everything. How we have changed so much since then!!!  Our doctor prescribed Tamiflu for all of us. Everybody seemed to be doing better except our oldest daughter, Elisabeth. 

She recovered from the Flu but was never able to fully get rid of the Pneumonia that came right after having the Flu. The doctors kept giving her stronger and stronger antibiotics. It wasn’t working! She was still hacking and coughing!!!

At that point, I knew I had to do something so I began giving her alternative medicine to help combat Pneumonia. It was amazing!! It worked!!!!

photo credit: Rebekah, Naturally Blessed Mama
photo credit: Rebekah, Naturally Blessed Mama

At first, sometimes symptoms don’t appear very serious. It started with a rash – hives – on only parts of her body. The pediatrician told us that our daughter, Elisabeth, just had dry skin and to change out her body wash and any soap she had been using. We calmly dealt with this problem until it seemed like the floodgates opened and it all came crashing in. Her body couldn’t tolerate any more of the abuse!! “No More!” it said.  She continued to grow worse – with more pain.

The worst symptoms hit about 7 months after the Flu episode. Almost every time our daughter would eat she would double over with pain, have a terrible upset stomach, and then have to run to the restroom. I wasn’t sure what to do since our local doctors didn’t really think it was that bad. They wanted me to start a food journal and visit them twice a month to check the results. We couldn’t continue on with this pain and anxiety!!

So, my journey began into the alternative medicine world. I knew I had to find the answer or our daughter might not survive! I needed direction as where to go and who to ask so I began to pray with all I had in me. This had to work – there was nothing left to do! — It was amazing!!! God opened the door for me to find several naturopathic doctors that could help. I had to step out on faith and let God do the rest. We had reached an opening!!!! I could see the light at the end of the tunnel!

photo credit: Rebekah, Naturally Blessed Mama
photo credit: Rebekah, Naturally Blessed Mama

The naturopathic/holistic doctors were exactly what we needed. They began running multiple tests for allergies as well as candida and vitamin/mineral deficiencies.  At first, the results were stifling – but we had to know. Did our daughter have that many issues? Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a Leaky Gut, and an overgrowth of Candida – and the list continued to grow. Gluten, Wheat, all Dairy, Chicken Eggs, Sesame Seeds, and Coffee – those were her serious allergies. Let’s not even begin the “Slightly Allergic” list. I was so overwhelmed!! 

The naturopathic/holistic doctors immediately recommended a very strict diet removing all allergenic foods or anything that would feed Candida. It has been almost a year now and our Elisabeth is doing so well. The pain is almost non-existent!! She even accidentally ate a homemade wheat doughnut the other day and didn’t have any major reactions – no major stomach cramps – no digestive issues – she broke out with  hives and that was it. 

She is slowly getting better – we are so excited about her recovery! When we go back to the basics and eat as God intended, our body has a chance to heal itself and possibly recover from even the toughest diseases. I hope this encourages you to never give up in your search for alternative methods of healing. 

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Rebekah Baker is a paleo/homeschool mom by day and a blogger/writer by night. She lives in Texas with her husband and their three amazing children. Her passion for natural living has been the spark for becoming a homesteader – producing as many things as possible “from scratch.” This crazy journey into discovering a more Biblical lifestyle only confirmed itself about a year ago when they were told that their oldest daughter had Celiac, IBS, Leaky Gut, a Candida overgrowth, and multiple food allergies including a severe gluten intolerance. As an effort to help others learn more about alternative methods of healing, Naturally Blessed Mama  was born. She would love to have you drop by her blog and journey with them on their discovery to natural healing. 

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