Best Self-Care Gifts for Fibromyalgia

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Self-care is essential, but it’s even more critical when our bodies are living with a chronic illness. In addition to time for resting, we need products that will help us heal and recover from whatever symptoms are ailing us. There are various gift-giving holidays throughout the year (in addition to your birthday), so here are the BEST self-care gifts for fibromyalgia warriors recommended by fibromyalgia warriors. Share this list with friends and loved ones so they always have a list of ideas for your birthday and other gift-giving holidays!

What is self-care?

Self-care is just as the word implies: the caring of self. Whatever you choose to do, do something each day. Even 15 minutes of self-care each day can make a difference that day and over time. Self-care can be done in a variety of ways such as:

Best Self-Care Gifts for Fibromyalgia

Cozy Items


Getting cold feet isn’t something that only happens figuratively. It’s quite literal for many of us, and cold feet mean cold bodies. And cold can increase aches and pains. An easy way to warm up the feet is with cute, fuzzy socks. Some of them have aloe for nourishing, too. Or maybe you could get some fun socks for coziness on your footsies! There are some fun and unique ones out there! Dollar Tree is starting to carry some cute little socks the kids and I love!

Cold Therapy Socks

For those that like cold therapy on those aching feet, these are NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks. These are reusable gel ice frozen slippers for a variety of ailments.


Just looking at slippers makes me happy! Slippers are perfect for those with constantly cold feet and who need added support when walking around indoors.

Weighted Blankets

According to a study published in 2015, the pressure of a weighted blanket reduces movement at night allowing the body to achieve higher-quality sleep and lengthened average sleep time. In addition, weighted blankets stimulate the production of serotonin which also triggers the release of melatonin – the chemical that promotes sleep and regulates the sleep cycle.

Read more about the benefits of weighted blankets.

Heated Blankets

Heat dilates blood vessels and promotes blood flow which helps to soothe sore muscles and joints. This is a perfect gift for someone who is constantly cold or looking for all-over body relief.


Keeping the body’s blood properly circulating and regulating body temperature can be difficult for those living with fibromyalgia. A robe can help during the times it feels cold while resting at home.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates and gift cards are my FAVORITE gift of all! Some gifting ideas include:


Face Mask

Keep out any residual lights such as the lights from a night light, smart devices, or the bedside clock with a sleep mask. There are cooling ones, ones with headphones, and simple ones.

Cooling pillow

Many individuals with fibromyalgia experience a common symptom of excessive sweating. This occurs more often at night making it uncomfortable to sleep no matter how cold the air conditioning may be. Try cooling it down with cooling pillows.

Travel pillow

Traveling can add stress to the body. Make it relaxing by having a good travel pillow with you. Perfect for those that travel frequently by bus, plane, or car!



Books can be a great distraction from pain and other flaring symptoms. It’s also a great way to pass the time. Use my referral link to get books sent straight to your door with Book of the Month Club. You could also check out Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans for electronic books! If you’re more interested in audiobooks, there’s a great option for that, too, using Audible Gift Memberships.


Whether it be for chronicling pain or writing for therapy, keeping a journal can be a useful way of dealing with fibromyalgia symptoms. It can be an actual paper journal or an electronic journal. Either way, it’s a way for you to express yourself. You can also get a guided journal with prompts to get you started.

Adult Coloring Books

Coloring can reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve motor skills, sleep and focus. So, in other words – get your coloring on! Here are some free coloring pages to print at home, too!

Bath Time

Bath Salts

Soaking in a bath is great to relax tense muscles. Bath salts add essential oils and Epsom salt to increase the benefits of a warm bath.

Bath Pillow

Soaking in a bath can cause a crick in the neck. Add some softness to take the strain off your neck.


Aromafloria offers a line of products for muscle soak. All of their ingredients are made in a USDA Certified Organic facility and carefully sourced from all over the world.

All Over Body Care

The Headache Hat

The Headache Hat is a wearable ice pack for migraine and headache relief.

Ice Packs

Some people prefer cold therapy to relieve their aching muscles and joints. Ice packs have come a long way since I was a kid and they are multi-functional, too!

Heating Pad

Some like it cold and others like it hot. Heat therapy is also used to relieve sore muscles. There are a variety of heating pads and including ones for specific body parts like the shoulders.

Massage Cushions

These are great for the times you can’t make it out of the house and to the spa or massage therapy place. Or if you’re like me and simply cannot afford it. Either way, these are great!


Sometimes a physical item cannot be bought, but there are other ways you can receive self-care. Here are some intangible gifts for someone living with fibromyalgia.

  • Babysitting if they have kids.
  • Your time whether it is sitting with them, talking on the phone, or simply checking in with them periodically.
  • Compassion
  • Offer to drive them to their doctor appointments or to run errands.
Best Topical Creams for Fibromyalgia #topicalcreams #fibromyalgia #beingfibromom

Best Topical Creams for Fibromyalgia

Topical creams are one of a few ways to manage fibromyalgia symptoms. A benefit to having more than one topical cream is to have more in case you run out of one of the other creams.

2 thoughts on “Best Self-Care Gifts for Fibromyalgia”

  1. Hi Brandi, I really liked this article because I have Chronic Lyme Disease and I often feel guilty doing self-care, when I’m actually doing what my body and mind need. A couple other items you can buy for yourself, or ask for as a gift: heating pad (you can never have too many for different areas of the house), a hand-lettering workbook and pens, nail polish and remover (there are clean formulas now), CBD Balm (Lazarus Naturals), cold slippers you keep in the freezer (Amazon) for burning feet, word searches with a fun colored pen or pencil. Things you can do for others: pray (honestly, this is the best thing to get my mind off of myself), fry or instant pot some ground beef and freeze in one pound freezer bags (lay them out flat to thaw quickly).
    Well that’s probably more than you wanted. Too many years of experience:). I hope you’re doing well. -Angie

    1. Hi, Angie! Thank you for your suggestions! Guilt often comes with self-care – I agree. I feel it, too. As long as we keep reminding ourselves of the importance of it, maybe the guilt will lessen. Those were great ideas for self-care! Many have found relief with CBD balm and heating pads. Pampering yourself with painting your nails is also important. Thanks again!

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