how your furry friend can help with healing #chronicillness #beingfibromom

How Your Furry Friend Can Help With Chronic Illness

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I have made many connections through various social media sites with other people that have a chronic illness. And other than our illnesses and symptoms, there is one common fact among us – those of us with a furry friend believe our pets help us cope with our pains, low points, tough days, and flares. How can they help? Here is how your furry friend can help with chronic illness.

how your furry friend can help with healing #chronicillness #beingfibromom



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Tom the Cat

In early 2009 we adopted a Tabby cat from a family friend. While we are no longer friends with that family, largely due to how they treated their furry family member, we are very grateful they asked us to adopt him. We named him Thomas (from Tom & Jerry cartoons) and he immediately found a place in our hearts. He loves us all, but he bonds the most with me.

Tom is an amazingly lovable cat with a strong personality that you cannot help but love. I know he is one of the reasons I am as well as I am. He senses when I’m not well or having a fibromyalgia flare. He’s usually in the same room with me, but when I’m not well, he doesn’t leave my side. It sometimes seems he forces himself onto my lap for love as though he knows stroking him will make me feel better.


Healing Power of Animals

I’ve always believed animals have some sort of healing power though I never had the proof. Last week while reading articles by fibromyalgia bloggers, I came across a post by Sue from Rebuilding Wellness with Sue Ingebretson. She wrote about the ways animals can help with healing and how they are beneficial to your health.

Her article confirmed what I always suspected about animals – they do have a healing power we will never be able to fully understand. Please read more about her article, 20 Ways Furry Love Can Help You Heal.



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how your furry friend can help with healing #chronicillness #beingfibromom


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11 thoughts on “How Your Furry Friend Can Help With Chronic Illness”

  1. I have two cats and they are very in tuned to how I feel. They also give me someone else to look after as I’m over 70 and the kids and grandkids are mostly grown up. Fibro has taken so much away from me and I find these to have given me so much back.

  2. Our dog, a boxer, Rosie always laid with me when I was having a bad day, week, month. She always loved on me, made me smile, and she was just like one of my children. We lost her last August & have not had the heart, just yet, for a new puppy.

    Pets are such a comfort, especially when you are stuck at home, in bed. They are such great company.

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  4. I so miss my doggies. They were great at snuggling and making me smile when I needed it. They often knew I was feeling bad before any other human in the house. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday linkup. Hope you join us again this week when our party will be on 8 blogs!

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