how disorganization could be affecting your health #BeingFibroMom

How Disorganization Could be Affecting Your Health

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Dishes piled in the sink, clothes hectically spread across the bedroom floor, always looking for something or other. Sound like your house just a little bit? Maybe it’s your office that looks like a paper bomb went off—becoming more organized is essential in either case. Whether you need to make a change at your office desk or in your home (or you need to revamp both), learning how to improve your organizational skills will benefit every aspect of your life. Here’s how disorganization could be affecting your health.

how disorganization could be affecting your health #BeingFibroMom
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Better Sleep

The more mess you have, the more stress you’ll have. The more stressed you are, the harder it is to come by deep, truly beneficial rest. A neat bedroom can make sleep schedules more consistent and better sleep leads to a host of health benefits, including the follow two aspects of health.

Reducing Depression

Disorganization can lead directly to mental health issues. One study found that those polled who categorized their home as cluttered were more likely to exhibit signs of fatigue, depression, and showed increased levels of cortisol within their systems. To help combat this, make sure you dedicate a few minutes each day to minimizing mess and putting everything back in order.

Improving Your Physical Health

The more organized you come, the easier it is to stick to a fitness routine, whether this be through nutritional means or activity levels. Clutter can lead to stress, and stress can lead to mindless eating. Those who work out tend to have a goal to work towards, and taking the time to record progress (an organizational tactic), can see them reaching their fitness goals sooner. The more you practice this type of organization, the more your body will benefit.

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Easy Ways to Organize

Now that we know just how much organization can impact our mental and physical health, it’s time to put it into action. Overhauling your entire life doesn’t always do the trick in a jiffy (who has the time or patience for that kind of switch up?), but there are little ways that you can begin to incorporate organization into your everyday processes.

Do Inventory, then Purge

This can be hard; humans can and do develop emotional attachments to material things. However, purging your home and office of unnecessary items is going to do you more good than harm. Go through your closet, the kid’s toy box, and your storage and find items you don’t need. Not only will this clear up space and stress-inducing clutter, but you can donate to a charitable organization through or sell your excess possessions in a garage sale for some extra cash when things are tight.

Keep Your Décor Simple

Filling your décor inventory up with all modern items will definitely help you in your pursuit of clean, chaos-free design. Whether in your home or at your desk, stick to décor objects that utilize clean lines and simple, elegant designs. If you’d like a little more personality in your motif, consider choosing an art piece that makes a statement. If you don’t have a favorite artist or can’t see yourself spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on an original piece, don’t hesitate to check out prints of famous pieces you might like. You can find these at local home goods stores or online. You might also consider framing your children’s artwork and working your simplistic, minimalist décor around that. This works in the living room or at the office, and is going to make a bigger impact than you think.

A Place for Everything

In the office and at home, proper storage solutions is non-negotiable. The easiest way to get rid of busy clutter is to find a place for everything and make sure everything is kept in its place when not in use. This might mean looking into new shelving options for your den and kitchen, or purchasing a filing system to slip into one of the drawers in your desk; whatever it is, figure out what works for your purposes and stick to it.

Cultivating a better sense of organization is only going to bring good things to your life and to the lives of your family members.


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